Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Things Poppin - Handcuffs Lockin

Up until this past Saturday, I thought Michael Vick had cornered the market for the minute on embarrassing Black folks as well as the place I call home, Atlanta; It seems Mike has ALREADY been replaced! WOW! I mean, if we could get prominent Blacks to switch places being in the positive spotlight as quickly as we are doing with the negative spotlight, there is no telling what we could accomplish!

I’m actually a little sad to be writing this blog, I have been a long time fan of the subject and I’m really disappointed that I have to put him on the “Yo Ignant Ass” list. Nonetheless, I must write the facts.

Rapper T.I. was arrested Saturday in Atlanta only hours before he was to receive two awards at the BET Hip-Hop awards show. His charges ranged from possessing three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, to possession of firearms by a convicted felon. I hesitate to even use his rap name of T.I. as I right this blog; the T.I. that I have been a fan of for years CERTAINLY has to be smarter than this. This flagrant display of stupidity had to be committed by Clifford! I can see a person with a name like Clifford not being the wisest in the bunch, but not T.I.

Clifford Harris, Jr. (Yes, that’s his government name), still sits in jail today, awaiting a bond hearing that should take place on Friday. He has assembled a dream team of lawyers to try and keep his ignorant ass out of jail. I feel about his case the same as I feel about Mike’s case, I want them punished for being idiots. Stupid should hurt, it should not go unpunished.

News reports state that Clifford had his bodyguard purchase three machine guns and two silencers for him, not including the alleged nine other firearms he had purchased for him since July. The bodyguard was wearing a wire when he delivered the weapons to Clifford sooooo, well, you can guess the rest of that story.

I have a few issues with this whole thing. First, WHAT THE HELL did he need with so many guns! $12,000 for some guns! Was he planning to tryout for Blackwater? Is he so paranoid that he can only relax with there’s enough firepower around him to fuel a small army?
Hello Clifford, you are not only a convicted felon, but you are one of the hottest rappers in the industry today, did you REALLY think no one was keeping an eye on you? My “Yo Ignant Ass” meter is flashing and making loud noises as I write this, I think you may have broken it!
Here is a man with enough money to hire plenty of staff to protect him; instead, he buys weapons, illegally! I swear, I think he must LIKE jail!

Don’t think I’m overlooking the bodyguard, "Mr. Ima sell my boy out" himself, I’ve got a house nigga trophy with your name on it son. Newsflash Mr. Bodyguard, if you end up in jail, you will be treated as a snitch should be, take a dress with you.

I see a common theme here with Clifford and Mike; both were snitched on by their supposed boys. It should be evident that once you reach a certain income status, you have no boys, and it’s you against the world, actually that's true whether you are a billionaire are penniless. Basically, trust no one, especially if what you are trusting them with could get you five-to-ten in the federal pen.

My black athletes, entertainers, and just plain old regular folks, please, stop and think a minute before you do these incredibly ridiculous things; you’re making the rest of us look REALLY bad. Mike, Clifford, Marion, I need you guys to get it together, and if you see that you still need to live a little “outside the law” try to all work together, perhaps the three of you will be smarter together than you are separately.

Clifford, if you see T.I., tell him to get his swag back, QUICK!
In your own words Mr. Harris, “Be Easy”.


AfroDaddy said...

May I be the first to volunteer to hand Clifford his "Yo Ignant Ass" award? What an idiot!

Kingz Dominion said...

It must have felt horrible to be being booked while your name was being called at the BET awards. When will these guys learn to leave that ghetto crap behind.

Anonymous said...

T.I. was setup, they have been trying to bring this brother down for a minute.

Bmore's Positive Push said...

If you believe T.I. was setup and didn't get caught out of pure stupidity, then YOU should share the "YO Ignant Ass" award with him.

Cap'n Cruncher said...

Everytime HipHop gets a decent rapper we loose them to jail. It's like -you've reached the top, you must go to jail. do not pass go, do not collect any money.
HipHop isn't dying, its getting locked up.

Middle Class Man said...

Watched the awards last night, damn shame my man wasn't there to receive his awards.

youngun said...

His CD sales will go through the roof now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his lawyer will get him off like he did Ray Lewis?

middle class man said...

Looks like T.I. is still waiting on bond. The terms they are presenting still look like jail to me, just jail at home.

Anonymous said...


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